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and welcome to Rostock! When I first came to Rostock in 1997, I didn’t know I would end up settling here permanently and starting a family. I’ve established several companies here, been the president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and am now even the lord mayor. Because this town truly has become my home!

Rostock is large enough to have all the amenities of a city, while still being small enough to ensure you’re not rendered anonymous. We have the Baltic Sea and the Warnow river, the Rostocker Heide, the oldest university in the Baltic Sea area, a vibrant sporting and cultural scene and a dense network of educational facilities.

The people here are north german; they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve. But when you do make friends with them, they’re friendships for life. The aim of this brochure is to help you explore the many facets of our city and conquer Rostocks peoples hearts. And by the way: Our Rostock Region Welcome Centre at the town hall will also be glad to assist you when you first arrive.

Enjoy reading and hope to see you soon.

1st deputy lord mayor and Senate Finances and Administration and Public Order
Dr. Chris von Wrycz Rekowski, 


The port city of Rostock
The port city of Rostock celebrated its 800th birthday in 2018, and its history is inextricably linked to the port and shipping. Ferries, RoRo ships, cargo ships and cruise-liners are the merchant and passenger vessels found in the harbour today. With over 25 million tonnes of goods handled

Aerial view city harbor

Social affairs and health

Klinikum Südstadt (KSR) - the biggest municipal Hospital in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
The Klinikum Südstadt Rostock has been providing the people of greater Rostock and parts of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with specialist medical care since 1965. As a regional, non-university tertiary hospital, the Klinikum treats more than 30,000 inpatients and semi-inpatients

Municipal hospital Klinikum Südstadt Rostock

Education and science

Knowledge-building science
Rostock is a historic centre for science, with a number of different research institutes. Students and scientists have been shaping the Hanseatic city since the founding of the university 600 years ago.

Reading in Rostock at the river Warnow

Rostock Business

Rostock Business
Rostock Business, the city’s business and technology development company, helps businesses establish themselves, expand and perform their economic activities. In doing so, and in its capacity as a full-service provider for businesses and investors, it focuses on finding suitable solutions in every Situation.
Logo Rostock Business

Culture, leisure and sport

Congresses and Events
While Warnemünde and Markgrafenheide are established seaside resorts a long time and, along with Diedrichshagen and Hohe Düne, are among the four seaside resorts of Rostock

Rostock city hall

International relations

The City of Rostock benefits from international cooperation with other cities and their institutions at different levels.

Weltkarte mit befreundeten und Partnerstädten

City Hall

A homely city or romantic fishermen"s village, Middle Age architecture or a magical coastal landscape, paintings, theatre and large ships, Rostock has something on offer for everyone. In the summer the city with its own seaside resort changes to a seaside resort with its own city and they are both very popular.

Town hall